Some projects require research to be conducted prior to the development of a project specification or statement of work. This research is generally handled on a time and material basis. ​

Specifications and Proof of Concept

You may already have a specification, or one may be developed with
EDesignWare to meet your needs and that of the project. It can vary from a simple statement of work, a complete product specification that defines all features, functions, operating environment, applicable standards and testing for a large project.

EDesignWare may quote a fixed cost to develop a project or product specification. Such a specification becomes your property and you are under no obligation to proceed further with EDesignWare. Along with specification, we will deliver a cost estimate and proposed development schedule.

Some projects, lend themselves to the development of a proof of concept looks-like/works-like models. The models can be used for a number of purposes including marketing and specification refinement.


This phase is when we select components, design circuits, capture the schematic, layout the PCB and start the software and firmware development.

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Pre-Production/Production Release

Since we make extensive use of CAD, the documentation for the release to production is already fairly refined. The documentation package typically includes the schematic, PCB fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, bills of material, copies of the ECAD files, PCB drill/Gerber files, solder paste files, pick and place files and a 3D STEP file of the board assembly.

Production Support

We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of electronics and are always available to provide support for the production of our clients' products. We are often called upon to develop test procedures and fixtures, assist with component substitutions and root cause analysis for production or field failures. If needed, we can assist our client by recommending a reliable contract assembler.


Specific deliverables are generally transmitted via email. On large projects, we setup a secure FTP site as a depository for all schedules, schematics, board designs, source code, component information and bills of material.


At EDesignWare, we take our commitments very seriously. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so you will be a returning customer and of course, to be "On Time And Within Budget".

We use the latest version of Altium Designer as our ECAD package so that as we develop the device, we are developing the production documents. Most often we will develop a 3D CAD model of the printed circuit assembly to insure fit with the mechanical design of the enclosure.


During this stage we turn the design into a physical device. Over the years, we have developed reliable sources for components, printed circuit boards and assembly. On some projects we will assemble the prototype in house by hand. For more complex boards, we use proven prototype assembly suppliers. Our suppliers are selected based on past performance, cost and speed of turn-around.

Testing and Verification

The prototypes are subjected to rigorous testing to verify that the design of each sub-circuit meets the design goals and specifications. Often changes are made during this testing to improve or correct the circuit performance. In most cases these changes are incorporated in the prototype, in rare cases we repeat the prototype phase to meet the project requirements. In most cases the prototypes are submitted to outside laboratories for safety and compliance testing.

Every customer's requirements are different, and at   EDesignWare, we embrace that difference and tailor our procedures and methods to your project and requirements. All projects include some of the activities described here.