Entrepreneurs We Can Help Every Step Of the Way

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From a Fortune 100 to an entrepreneurial start-up;
we are here for you

We can take a quick look at your project and give you a free no obligation review if you have a detailed specification or just an idea!

We can help with your:
  • Business Plan
  • Product specification
  • Proof of Concept Models
  • Design- including industrial, mechanical and electronic
  • Prototypes
  • Production Start-Up

Currently Have A Product And Want To Update
  We Can Help

We can help with ...
If your product is more than a few years old and you are selling 1000 units per year or more, we can probably reduce the total manufacturing cost with added features.
  • Newer components and higher levels of integration will lower both the material and assembly cost
  • A new microcontroller with additional performance and features may eliminate a significant number of parts and it may cost less than the older part.
  • We can often easily port your old firmware to the new hardware.
Send us your current design and we will give you a
Free No Cost Review. Please include a Current Schematic, Costed Bill of Materials and any manuals. It may speed things up if you provide the original CAD files and Source Code. You may want to execute a nondisclosure before sending a file via email.