EDesignWare Inc.'s Design Philosophy ​

EDesignWare is dedicated to delivering world class hardware, firmware and software solutions,


Too often companies, departments and individuals allow projects to drag on, constantly missing targets. Clearly defined responsibilities and a commitment to meeting deadlines are simple tools that keep us on track. On most projects unforeseen problems occur, we usually plan for some. We don't automatically use these problems as an excuse to move deadlines. We actively manage the resolution of problems, work longer hours and bring in additional resources as needed to get back on schedule. An individual must have a sense of urgency to work for

We are not afraid to say, "I don't know". Business is not a closed text test in college, business is an open book test, so if we don't know the best answer, we usually do know where or how to find it. In the competitive real-world, the cost of a wrong answer is often too great to risk.

We hate paperwork, but document everything. The
E in EDesignWare does stand for electronic, and we believe in using technology to allow us to capture and transmit information. As part of the design process we assemble a library of information on the components that we use in a product. Schematic, PCB designs, bills of material, source code and test reports are all transmitted to the customer and archived electronically.

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