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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Out-Source Design Work?
​​As with most business decisions this is a cost decision. Not just the cost of the engineer's time but it includes opportunity costs and costs associated with reliability and quality. At EDesignWare, we have a ready made team of experienced engineers, technicians, designers and managers that could begin working on your project today!


How Much Experience Do You Have?
​​By providing consulting services for over 20 years we have gained valuable experience from all of our customers and projects. Our staff has been involved with the design and management of hundreds of projects. Our experience, talent and creativity allows us to rapidly converge on the best desgn approach for your project.







What Is Your Hourly Rate?
​​Our rates vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of work performed and the size of the project. We are happy to learn more about your project and give you a risk free quotation. In general, our hourly rates are high and our project costs are low. You can do the math and figture our procutivity.

How Do You Quote A Fixed Cost For A Project?
​​If we can't, who can? We believe that it is unreasonable to ask our customers to commit to a project without knowing what it will cost. If the project is well defined, we have the experience required to estimate the time and materials involved in the project, and to develop a detailed statement of work.

How Does Your Billing Work?
​​We are very flexible, we bill the way that best suits your requirements. Generally, we expect 30% of the contract as a retainer, provide weekly or monthly progress billing during the course of the project for 50% of the project cost, with the remaining 20% due upon completion.

Who Owns The Design?
​​You pay for it, you own it. On patents, we ask to be listed as the inventor, but all rights are assigned to you. You own all copyrights to software and design documentation.

How Do We Get Started?
Go to the Contact Us page and tell us what you want! or call us at (407) 330-1808.

Will You Work For One Of My Competitors?
​​There is no simple answer to this question. It is possible that we have already worked for one of your competitors. If we see a potential conflict, we will avoid it and tell you about it. If you have specific concerns, tell us and we can address them in our contract. We take our Confidentially Agreement very seriously!